MBH Judges Viewpoint – What makes a successful team?

Louise-Jayne EdwardsMaking Business Happen judge and Academic Manager – Strategy Management at the University of South Wales examines the elements that help create a successful business team.

Whether you are part of a sports team, participate in a society, are employed within an organisation or are running your own business, the people within your team determine its success.

There are very few occasions where we work alone and team working is essential for the majority of working environments. I’m sure that we all have tales to tell of people that we don’t like to work with!  Yet whilst we may not always ‘like’ or’ get along’ with people within our teams, respecting and listening to the diverse and sometimes challenging views of others and acknowledging that we are all different and have different ways of working is essential for the development, diversity and success of teams.

This is very true of entrepreneurship and the Making Business Happen is our attempt to create the next generation of talented entrepreneurs – talented young people, who firstly start their own business and then grow and develop their business by creating jobs for others and therefore developing teams of people.

Regardless, of how clever, confident or passionate you are about your business idea, your success as an entrepreneur will depend upon your ability to build and inspire a team and be able to spur on your staff to work towards the same vision and goals.

You need to invest in your staff, spend time with them, encourage them to think of new ideas, support their development; don’t worry that they’ll leave you and work for a competitor or even start up their own business, as Richard Branson once said you need to “train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to”.

The entry deadline for the 2017 Making Business Happen Awards sponsored by NatWest Cymru is Friday 7th April 2017, so if you have a great team and a great business idea then why not enter today.