MBH Judges Viewpoint – The secrets of entrepreneurial leadership

Martyn RowlingMaking Business Happen judge and Employability and Enterprise Leader at the University of South Wales gives an interesting insight into the secrets of entrepreneurial leadership .

Heretics are the new leaders…  Fish swim, birds fly and humans form tribes. 

‘A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea’ (Godin, 2008, p.1).

For millions of years humans have been forming tribes; a group only needs two things to be a tribe: the ability to communicate and a shared interest. A tribe can’t exist without a leader and a leader can’t exist without a tribe.

There are tribes in and outside organisations that are stagnating, crying out for change, desperate for someone to lead them.  However, we often hear people communicating with friends and colleagues about their frustrations, but nothing changes.  Their passion to succeed is evident but their fear of criticism and failure stifles any movement and results in rhetoric that can be phrased as ‘black magic’. 

Misdirected passion often leads to negative/hostile environments that prevents creativity and innovation.  The heretic leader recognises the need for change and doesn’t allow the fear of criticism and failure to hold them back from challenging the status quo.

The heretic leader questions old rules by asking why; he/she creates a movement by writing new rules.

The inspirational leader doesn’t communicate their message by stating WHAT they are going to do or HOW they are going to do it, but WHY?  Apple are the leaders in technology; the right brothers were the first to fly a powered flight and Dr. Martin Luther King lead the civil rights movement through thinking, acting and communicating in the same way.  They communicated to people WHY they are in the business.

People don’t follow others because of what they do, they are inspired by others because of why they do it.  Entrepreneurial leaders need to find people with similar interests and voice their purpose, cause and belief.

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