You can now download our PDF and print the questions here!

Personal Details

The person listed here will be the lead applicant and point of contact

The Team

Details for the other members of the business team (Max 5 additional members)

School / College Details

Your Business Idea

The opening section – the headlines. It should contain the most important points from the rest of the Business Plan, without unnecessary detail.
Things to consider:

Who you are, who’s involved and what your company is called.

Clear, exciting and effective as a brief summary of the business plan. Do you have a vision or mission statement? If so include this here.

Identifying the opportunity
A section about your proposed business idea and why you think there is an opportunity in the market.
Clearly outline your business idea: what are opportunities, and challenges have you identified in the current market?

Explain how you have identified opportunities through market research.
Describe how your business idea will address the identified opportunity.
A clear description of the key features and benefits of the product/service that you propose.

How will you market your business idea?
Who, how, where and when are you going to market your ‘offer’ and how much will it cost?
Who are your target customers? How are these identified by your market research?
Who will be your first customers?
What is your marketing communications strategy? How and where will they buy it?
What is your pricing strategy- what will you sell it for?
Who are your competitors? How do you know?
Have you produced any promotional videos for your business idea? - If so please include a link to an online version (Youtube, Vimeo, filesharing site for downloading etc) it in this section of the entry form.
Tell us about your roles within the business?
A section that tells us about how you are going to manage the business.
Who will do what in the business?
What skills do you/the team already have to run the business?
Will you need outside assistance?
Tell us about the financial side of your business idea?
A section that tells us about how you are going to manage the business.
Explain how much finance you would need to get the business started and how you would raise it.

What financial controls and procedures do you plan to put in place to ensure business success.

Provide financial details for your business idea
Provide cash flow / profit and loss projections for the first three years. You need to present these in an acceptable accounting format.
Supporting Documents
This is your opportunity to upload any additional documents which you feel will strengthen your entry. (8MB file size limit)


By submitting this form you are declaring the information you have given is a true and accurate representation of your enterprise. If any of the information is found to be incorrect then this will affect your eligibility for a Making Business Happen Award and the University of South Wales will have the right to withdraw your entry.

By submitting an entry for the Making Business Happen Award I agree to receive regular award and other updates from the University of South Wales.

I understand that the selection of successful entrants will be within the sole discretion of the panel of judges and those decisions are final. I also understand that the judge’s panel reserves the right to deselect an entrant at any stage of the programme.

I agree that the University of South Wales may also from time to time use the details provided to contact me with details of services or events that may be of interest.

I hereby authorise the use and public release, in connection with the Making Business Happen Award of my name, my business’s name, entry information, photographs, and video provided as part of the Award entry and showcase event.

You can now download our PDF and print the questions here!
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